I believe the purpose of a blog is so you can get to know the person who runs the business. The girl behind the website, as it were. There are so many quotes around the ‘net about making connections and how that benefits sales or business or corporate life or blah, blah, blah. Well, I believe that’s true.

I also believe that the connections we make should not be motivated by those ‘business’ benefits.

I want to connect with you because like you, this world is a little big for me. And, recently, I’ve been especially fascinated by connection because I’ve been meditating on purpose.

I lost my father this year. His heart just stopped one day. He passed away in a hospital while going in to have his sternum re-connected. You see, since his open-heart surgery, he had grown his heart just a little too big for his chest and his sternum became detached. How’s that for a metaphor.

My father’s dearest wish was to connect with people and I honor him by connecting with others. I talk to truck-stop waitresses because I learned to do so from my father. He loved to hear life stories and he could make friends with anyone. Anyone.

The loss of my father created a huge shift in my world. A change in my perceptions about purpose. My father’s purpose was not to be grand or great or gain attention or amazing success. He just wanted to connect. It motivated and inspired him to hear stories and songs about people because he found that connection so endearing. As a result, I found him endearing.

This last weekend, I lost a dear friend: Bradford. He was an incredible director who cast me in a role I didn’t think I could play. He had faith in me and helped me connect with my true potential. He never once told me that I was lucky to have the role – instead, he always told me that I just “needed to get out of my head.” I still smile at how he would push his glasses up on his nose and squint at me while saying such a thing.

Both Bradford and my endearing Father sought to build, to connect, to inspire, to enjoy, and to love. They both taught me immeasurably important lessons about purpose.

There is no territory in loss or purpose – these discoveries are not mine, nor should they be interpreted as some sort of war on other purposes. If there’s anything to be gained from these losses, it is a profound passion for connecting with each other.

And so, I ask – ever so softly – how can you connect with your purpose?

Further, I ask – if your capacity for connection could expand, if you could exchange monotony for fascination, isolation for connection, and drudgery for purpose, what would that create in your life?

How can you get out of your head and connect to those exchanges?